HSBC supports a variety of worthy causes in Greece. In 2018, HSBC supported the following organisations and causes:


British Council – Life Skills programme

HSBC Group and HSBC Greece donated EUR85,000 to the British Council’s, Life Skills Programme in Greece. The programme aims to empower young people, develop their competencies and equip them to thrive in a globalised world. HSBC supports the Life Skills Programme since 2013.

Life Skills consists of two modules: the Life Skills: Developing Active Citizens, for children and teenagers aged 10 to 16 and the Life Skills: Developing Social Entrepreneurs, for young adults aged 16 to 24. Both modules are delivered in schools and vocational canters either by a specialist trainer of the British Council or by a local teacher who has attended a Life Skills workshop for educators.

So far, 58,000 young people and 4,200 teachers from state schools in deprived or rural areas, second chance schools, NGOs and refugee camps have benefited from the programme.

SEN/JA Greece

SEN/JA Greece is a non-profit educational organisation founded in 2005. It represents Junior Achievement Worldwide in Greece. Junior Achievement Worldwide is the largest non-governmental organisation that promotes entrepreneurship training at all educational levels. The programmes provided by JA Worldwide are dedicated to addressing the fundamental social and economic challenges of young people by empowering and equipping them to own their economic future.

Since 2011, HSBC Greece has been supporting the Junior Achievement More than Money educational programme that helps 5th and 6th-grade students to understand entrepreneurship and money management through hands-on activities. HSBC’s JA More than Money global financial programme teaches students across the world about earning, spending, sharing and saving money, and about potential career options.

In Greece, the initiative is organised by SEN/JA Greece in collaboration with HSBC and is approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. In 2018, ten HSBC staff members volunteered to spend six hours each with children. 

The programme reached 1,020 students in Attica, Patra, Thessaloniki, Ioannina, Thiva and Katerini.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages aims to provide abandoned, orphaned and destitute children with a permanent home. The children receive a suitable education and sound preparation for independence in adult life.

As part of its 2018 HSBC Youth Opportunities Programme, HSBC Group donated more than EUR65,000 to the SOS Social Center in Patra and the Educational Support Programme of the SOS Children Villages in Plagiari (Thessaloniki).

HSBC supported financially an initiative by the SOS Villages aiming to relieve school children from negative feelings caused by the 2018 wildfires. The programme will be run in all the schools in Nea Makri and Marathonas in the schoolyear 2018-2019.

The bank made a donation to the charity to mark two Christmas events for retail banking customers in Athens and Salonika that were held in December 2018. 

Once again this year HSBC staff gathered non-perishable foods and basic necessities during the festive period of 2018 for the SOS Villages. 

Wildfires relief efforts 

In July 2018, immediately after the wildfires in the Southeast Attica, HSBC donated in kind medical equipment, water and food supplies to support the victims. Similarly, HSBC staff members collected goods for this purpose.

HSBC donated EUR40,000 for the restoration of the facilities and the replacement of the equipment of the Neos Voutzas Athletic Union. 

The Union was founded more than 30 years ago. On an annual basis, more than 3.000 individuals participate in the Union’s activities. More than 250 people, most of them children use the facilities of the Union for sporting or other cultural activities on a day-to-day basis.

During the recent wildfires the fence, some of the buildings of the Union and part of the Union’s equipment were destroyed. HSBC covered the costs of restoring the fence and replacing part of the equipment (musical instruments, audio system, air conditioning, outdoor furniture, drinking fountains etc.). HSBC staff members from various countries of the Group contributed to this cause.

Ark of the World

The Ark of the World, was founded in 1998 in one of the most deprived regions of Athens, the Platonos Academy. The organisation supports children, mothers, single parent families, families in need and children that have experienced abandonment, racism and social exclusion. Today, the Ark takes care of about 400 children in a multi-religious and multicultural community.

In December 2018, HSBC Greece organised the HSBC Youth Opportunities Programme Toy Drive, an annual HSBC Group initiative that started in 2007. 

HSBC’s staff members offer new or old toys that are in good condition for the benefit of children in need. This year, the toys gathered through this activity were offered to the 40 children of the nursery school of the Ark of the World. 

The Smile of the Child

The Smile of the Child is a voluntary non-profit organisation running various projects to support children, including the National SOS Helpline for Children 1056, the Community Homes for Children and the Medical Support Centre.

HSBC customers can donate to the Smile of the Child through collection boxes in our branches. Once again this year, HSCB donated an amount to the needs of the organisation and offered personal computers to the Smile of the Child. 

MDA Hellas

MDA Hellas is an association supporting people who suffer from muscular dystrophy. HSBC’s Sports and Social Club covered the entrance fee of the 2018 Athens Marathon for the 59 employees who took part on behalf of the MDA Hellas. 


POLYPHONICA is a non-profit company founded in 2011 aiming to cultivate childrens’ skills through music, dance and theatre. POLYPHONICA has an intercultural character and gives priority to children belonging to vulnerable families, who participate free-of-charge. In 2018, HSBC donated an amount to the company.

Animal Action Hellas

Animal Action Hellas is the oldest animal welfare organisation in Greece. It takes care of more than 700 stray animals per year. HSBC donated an amount for the needs of the organisation’s shelter in Nea Filadelphia.