HSBC supports a variety of programmes in Greece based on the themes of education, community and the environment. In 2017, HSBC contributed to the following organisations and causes:


British Council – Life Skills programme

HSBC Group donated EUR67,000 to the British Council’s, Life Skills Programme in Greece for the academic year 2017-2018. The programme aims to empower young people, develop their competencies and equip them to thrive in a globalised world. HSBC Greece funded the pilot of the programme during the academic year 2013-2014. From 2014 onwards the Group has been supporting Life Skills through its Global Youth Opportunities Programme.

Life Skills consists of two modules: the Life Skills: Developing Active Citizens, for children and teenagers aged 10 to 16 and the Life Skills: Developing Social Entrepreneurs, for young adults aged 16 to 24. Both modules are delivered in schools and vocational canters either by a specialist trainer of the British Council or by a local teacher who has attended a Life Skills workshop for educators. So far, 56,000 young people and 1,800 teachers from state schools in deprived or rural areas, second chance schools, NGOs and refugee camps have benefited from the programme.

SEN/JA Greece

SEN/JA Greece is a non-profit educational organisation founded in 2005. It represents Junior Achievement Worldwide in Greece. Junior Achievement Worldwide is the largest non-governmental organisation that promotes entrepreneurship training at all educational levels. The programmes provided by JA Worldwide are dedicated to addressing the fundamental social and economic challenges of young people by empowering and equipping them to own their economic future.

HSBC supported two projects of SEN/JA Greece in 2017:

  • JA More than Money programme

    Since 2011, HSBC Greece has been supporting the Junior Achievement More than Money educational programme that helps 5th and 6th-grade students to understand entrepreneurship and money management through hands-on activities. HSBC’s JA More than Money global financial programme teaches students across the world about earning, spending, sharing and saving money, and about potential career options.

    In Greece, the initiative is organised by SEN/JA Greece in collaboration with HSBC and is approved by the Ministry of Education, Research and Religious Affairs. In 2017, seven HSBC staff members volunteered to spend six hours each with children and the programme reached 1,059 students in Attica, Patra, Alexandroupoli and Ioannina.

  • Banks in Action programme

    The Banks in Action programme, which aims to equip senior high-school students with basic financial knowledge, is organised by SEN/JA Greece in cooperation with the Hellenic Bank Association.

    Students are taught money management skills and are provided with information on their potential future career options. HSBC staff volunteered to spend eight hours with senior high school students as instructors of the Banks in Action curriculum.

SOS Children’s Villages

SOS Children's Villages aims to provide abandoned, orphaned and destitute children with a permanent home. The children receive a suitable education and sound preparation for independence in adult life.

As part of its 2017 HSBC Youth Opportunities Programme, HSBC Group donated more than EUR63,000 to the SOS Social Centers in Athens and Patra.

Also, HSBC offered office equipment to the charity.

The bank made a donation to the charity to mark two Christmas events for retail banking customers in Athens and Salonika that were held in December 2017. HSBC staff also gathered non-perishable foods and basic necessities during the festive period of 2017 for the SOS Villages.


Ark of the World

The Ark of the World, was founded in 1998 in one of the most deprived regions of Athens, the Platonos Academy. The organisation supports children, mothers, single parent families, families in need and children that have experienced abandonment, racism and social exclusion. Today, the Ark takes care of about 400 children in a multi-religious and multicultural community.

HSBC donated EUR40,000 to the organisation to cover part of the cost of buying and installing medical equipment for a health clinic that the organisation is creating in the Kolonos area.

The clinic will be open daily Monday to Saturday and 20-25 volunteer doctors will offer free part-time medical services. The organisation estimates that, on average, around 40-50 children and adults will receive medical attention daily. The population of the wider Kolonos area will benefit from the clinic.

In December 2017, HSBC Greece organised the HSBC Youth Opportunities Programme Toy Drive, an annual HSBC Group initiative that started in 2007.

HSBC’s staff members offer new or old toys that are in good condition for the benefit of children in need. This year, the toys gathered through this activity were offered to the 40 children of the nursery school of the Ark of the World.

Alli Opsi

Alli Opsi is a non-profit organisation that runs training programmes for people with reduced mobility. The purpose of the training programmes is to improve the level of independence of people with spinal cord injury. HSBC has been supporting projects of Alli Opsi since 2012.

In December 2017, HSBC covered the cost of the “Train the Trainer” seminar organizsed by Alli Opsi. The purpose of the seminar is to enhance the skills of instructors with disabilities following the most up-to-date European standards. HSBC volunteers contributed to the preparation and the execution of the training.

The Smile of the Child

The Smile of the Child is a voluntary non-profit organisation running various projects to support children, including the National SOS Helpline for Children 1056, the Community Homes for Children and the Medical Support Centre.

In 2017, HSBC covered the cost of purchasing new personal computers for the organisation and made a donation to help with the organisation's running costs.

HSBC customers can donate to the Smile of the Child through collection boxes in our branches.

Lighthouse of the Blind

Founded in 1946, the Lighthouse of the Blind aims to support blind people and runs special labs offering vocational rehabilitation. HSBC covered the expenses of the workshop for ceramics and sculpture for the year 2017-2018. More than 30 people participated in the workshop.

Margarita Vocational Center

Margarita is a specialist vocational education and employment centre that designs and offers education, professional training and programmes to aid independent living for people with learning disabilities. HSBC covered the cost of buying laptops that will enable people with mental disabilities to participate in projects aiming at increasing their tech literacy.

MDA Hellas

MDA Hellas is an association supporting people who suffer from muscular dystrophy. HSBC’s Sports and Social Club covered the entrance fee of the 2017 Athens Marathon for the 57 employees who took part on behalf of the MDA Hellas.


Volunteer coast cleaning

HSBC organised the volunteer beach cleaning activity “Detoxing Spetses from micro-plastics” in collaboration with the Spetses Yacht Club. In October 2017, 85 HSBC staff members cleaned Agios Mamas, Poseidon and Kounoupitsa coasts in Spetses island of all types of rubbish with a specific focus on removing plastics.


Archelon protects the sea turtles and their habitats in Greece. HSBC covered the annual operating cost of two aquarium tanks used for the hospitalisation of sea turtles at the organisation’s Rescue Centre.


Anima is a wildlife and care association. Its main objective is to take care of wild animals and ensure reintegration into their natural environment. HSBC funded Anima’s first aid station for wild animals and birds in Attica.


HSBC provided financial support to ARCTUROS, a non-profit organisation founded in 1992 to protect the brown bear. Today, ARCTUROS’s work focuses on protecting and managing the natural environment in Nympheo and the area’s wildlife with a primary focus on bears, wolves and the Greek Shepherd - an ancient Greek dog breed. ARCTUROS organises awareness campaigns, studies bears and large mammals and is leading Balkan initiatives to monitor and protect the region's bear population.