HSBC in Greece

HSBC set up its Greek operations in 1981. HSBC has grown to become a key player in the Greek financial sector.

HSBC uses its international experience to serve the local needs of customers, offering banking and investment services to individuals as well as to corporate and institutional clients. Through specialist divisions like HSBC Commercial Banking and HSBC Global Banking and Markets, the bank supports corporate expansion in Greece and abroad.

Good customer relations are of central importance at HSBC but we believe we also have responsibilities to run a sustainable business, protect the environment, support education and serve the whole community.

Management team

  • Chief Executive Officer: Peter Yeates
  • Head of Global Markets: Dinos Kamaris
  • Head of Wholesale Banking: Alexandra Konida
  • Head of Wealth and Personal Banking (WPB) and Marketing: Stelios Pirpinias
  • Head of Shipping: Katerina Eleftheriou
  • Chief Operating Officer: Dimitra Vourna
  • Chief Risk Officer: Adam P. Seymour
  • Chief Financial Officer: Rafal Dziura
  • General Counsel: George Vassalakis
  • Chief Compliance Officer: Constantina Tyrovoli
  • Head of Human Resources: Gela Victoratou

Financial information

Financial documents related to HSBC's activities in Greece are available here. Please note, these documents are in local language only. For financial documents related to HSBC Group please visit the investor relations  section of our corporate website.


For careers information and job vacancies in Greece, please visit our local careers section.

Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation related documents

Download the website disclosures under the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (PDF 367KB)

Download the Sustainable Finance Disclosure Regulation (“SFDR”) Remuneration Policy (PDF 270KB)

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